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European Programmes and European Youth Information Networks

The Regional Youth Directorate supports young people, youth associations and informal groups in application process for European programmes and opportunities in Europe. 06-04-2022 Direção Regional de Juventude
European Programmes and European Youth Information Networks

European Programmes

In the Autonomous Region of Madeira, the Regional Directorate for Youth is the service that collaborates with the National Agencies that manage in Portugal the programmes "Erasmus + Education and Training" , "Erasmus + Youth in Action"  and "European Solidarity Corps". They develop dissemination and advisory activities about the programmes and activities aimed at empowering young people at individual and associative level. 
European Youth Information Networks

The Eurodesk Network is present in 34 countries, where more than 1000 Eurodesk Multipliers (Youth Technicians) carry out the mission of raising young people's awareness about learning and mobility opportunities, encouraging them to become active citizens.

The Regional Directorate for Youth is, since 2016, a Eurodesk Multiplier Entity at regional level, holding the 'Eurodesk Info Point' and 'Info Point Multiplier' Seals. This integration in the Eurodesk Network allows to provide information of interest to young people and to increase the opportunities for participation in themes and projects designed for Youth.


Besides to Eurodesk, the Regional Youth Directorate disseminates the ERYICA network - European Youth Information and Counselling Agency.

The Regional Youth Directorate, as a body with responsibilities in the implementation of youth policies, follows the principles of the European Youth Information Charter, defined by ERYICA, a guiding document to ensure young people's access to complete, reliable and up-to-date youth information.


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