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Empresas Cidadão Governo

Jorge Morgado

Jorge Morgado
Jorge Morgado

Personal details

Name: Jorge Manuel da Silva Morgado

Birth place: Funchal

Birth date: December 28th, 1960

Academic qualifications: Law Degree, Law Faculty of Lisbon University


Professional experience:


Legal Advisor since 13.07.1996;

Director of Administration and Staff Services from 09.11.1988 to 13.07.1993;

Director of Teaching Staff Services from 14.07.1993 to 20.03.1997;

Regional Director of Administration and Staff from 21.03.1997 to 18.10.2001;

Regional Director of Educational Administration from 18.10.2001 to 21.06.2012;

Regional Director of Human Resources and of Educational Administration from 22.06.2012 to 21.04.2015;

Director of the Regional Inspectorate of Education since 21.04.2015;

President of the Parish Council of Sé since December of 1989;

Vice President of the skating Association of Madeira;

President of the Jurisdictional Council of Madeira Volleyball Association;

Secretary of the Higher School of Education – Legal Functions – from 20.09.1988 to 20.04.1989;

Representative of the Regional Department of Education in the Regional Monitoring Committee about the implementation and the evaluation of the Teaching Career Statute;

Representative of the Regional Department of Education in meetings of the Education Committee in the Legislative Assembly of Madeira;

Member of the Regional Board of Education and Vocational Training;

Head of the Regional Education Department about the negotiations with the Teachers` Union.





Rua das Hortas, n.os 16 e 18,

9054 - 506 Funchal

T. : (+351) 291 145 510.