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CEHA welcomes training course on "The construction of School Excellence"

The Regional Department of Education, through the Regional Inspectorate of Education, carries out on the next 8 and 9 November, Thursday and Friday respectively, in the auditorium of the Centre for History Studies of the Atlantic, a training course integrated in the dialogues on education that it has been conducting, entitled “Climbing the podium – the construction of school excellence”. 28-11-2018 Inspeção Regional Educação
CEHA welcomes training course on "The construction of School Excellence"

This course, according to the information given to us, will be ministered by the Department of Social Sciences of Education, from the Institute of Education of the University of Minho, in the context of the Circle of Knowledge, and it will comprise theoretical sessions and theoretical-practical sessions, based on various pedagogical activities (group work, restricted and extended debates, individual and collective reflections, reports of experiences, sharing of research results, among others) guided by professors and researchers from the Department of Social Sciences of Education and the Center for Research in Education of the University of Minho and the University of Aveiro. This action also includes the participation by videoconferencing of an investigator of the Autonomous University of Chile, who participated In the Research Project Between More and better school: academic excellence in Portuguese public school.

"How do you build excellence in public school? Apparently simple, this question challenges the root of school education, opening the debate to the various dimensions that structure the current educational system. The expansion of educational policies of managerialist feature placed on the agenda the theme of excellence, leaving no indifferent students, families, the media and social institutions in general. Particularly in public schools, the growing focus on results production has dragged new management and leadership dynamics into the service of the (supposed) "quality" and school effectiveness", says the regional department of education.

 The training course will provide the sharing of experiences and the discussion of research results on the problem of meritocracy and school excellence, with a view to reinforcing reflexivity and knowledge on the subject.