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Welcome Message

Welcome to the website of the Regional Inspectorate of Education.

The Regional Inspectorate of Education is part of the Regional Department of Education, dependent on the Regional Secretary. The Inspectorate practices the inspection of the educational establishments and of the dependent services of this Regional Department, through evaluation, audit, verification and technical support, in order to ensure the public service of education.

Our main mission is the school as an educational organization and our priority is the quality of education, in a perspective of education for all, human rights and inclusion.

Our strategic guidelines are:

To suggest or cooperate in the preparation and implementation of measures, in order to reach the improvement of the regional education system and the quality of the educational establishments, through the promotion of students` success, the change of the culture of year repetition, the promotion of critical spirit and the ethical commitment to transform the socio-educational reality;

To evaluate the regional education system, within the scope of the organizational evaluation and the development of schools;

To conceive, plan and execute inspections, in order to promote the pedagogical and organizational quality of  educational establishments;

To conceive, suggest and execute studies, which contribute to the creation of education and training policies; to evaluate the performance and the administrative and financial management of the services and organisms of the Regional Department of Education.

This website will show you our activities, actions and staff and also our principle, which is the provision of information.

The Inspectorate is a partner for the improvement of organizational logics of this department, with special focus on school as an educational organization, in order to reach the improvement of the education quality for children and students.



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