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Study of the National Education Board – School organization: The groups

The National Education Board released the publication: School Organization: The Groups, the last in a series of thematic studies about the education system (School Organization: the Time and School Organization: The Classes). 17-07-2017 Inspeção Regional Educação
Study of the National Education Board – School organization: The groups

The issue of school groups is covered in the third publication of the series of thematic studies. Besides the technical documentation, we considered the contribution of some entities with reflection on this matter. For this purpose, hearings were held for principals, establishments’ coordinators, presidents of the General Board and representatives of parents and family of different organic units, throughout the country.

In the hearings were addressed: the positive and negative evidence of the aggregation; the administrative and pedagogical management; the articulation between levels and cycles of education; the mobilization and profitability of resources; the group dimension; the balance of the aggregation stages and formation of groups; the challenges that arise from aggregation; and the eventual reconfiguration of the organic unit.

This study is structured as follows: international context, Portuguese context and balance of hearings.